Vet & MicroChip Implanter Information

Why is it so important?

As a 24hr pet MicroChip Database, PETtrac regularly faces the problem of invalid owner contact details. It is extremely frustrating for any organisation finding stray pets when the owner/keeper cannot be contacted because the details recorded against the MicroChip have not been updated.

What we're doing to help

PETtrac is trying to raise awareness of this problem, by running a campaign to encourage pet owners to update their contact details on the UK PETtrac Database... but we need your help!

How you can help

We're running adverts in the press for pet owners, but need your help to publicise this more widely. We have promotional material available for you to use wherever possible, to remind pet owners of the importance of keeping correct information on their pet's MicroChip record. These include:
  • Posters and flyers for your surgery or public areas
  • Stickers for booster cards and mailings to your clients
  • Graphics banners for your website
Everybody who has a MicroChipped pet should be encouraged to keep their address and telephone details updated with PETtrac. After all this could mean the difference between them being reunited with their pet, or it being rehomed.
It could even save their pet's life!

How to get your FREE materials

Just give the UK PETtrac Database a call on freephone 0800 652 7 977 and talk to us about providing FREE promotional materials to your vet practice, dog warden service or rescue centre today.

Pet Chip Update Campaign For Pet MicroChips

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