About The Pet Chip Update Campaign

The purpose of this website and campaign is to encourage pet owners to update their pet's MicroChip details on the 24hr UK PETtrac pet MicroChip Database.

Sadly it is all too common that pet owners move address or change telephone numbers and forget to notify PETtrac of their new contact details.

If you need to update the microchip for your dog or cat, please do not leave it until your pet goes missing!

  • Check your phone numbers and address details every year
  • Add an alternative contact number, in case you're unavailable
  • Update contact details whenever you move address

Check Your Pet's MicroChip

Your pet's MicroChip number will generally be 15 digits long. If you don't have your pet's MicroChip number, here are a couple of handy hints to find it :

  • On vaccination cards under a barcode sticker
  • On paperwork if you rehomed your pet from a rescue
  • Call your vets to see if they have it on their records
  • Pop in your vets and ask them to scan your pet for you

Once you've got your pet's MicroChip number and need to check or update details, simply contact the relevant database. If you aren't sure which database to contact, you can check this via https://www.check-a-chip.co.uk.

Click here to visit Check-a-chip.co.uk

Behind the initiative

Why we created this campaign

As a worldwide supplier of pet identification MicroChips and providers of the UK 24hr PETtrac Database, AVID launched The Pet Chip Update Campaign back in 2009!

As a pet MicroChip reunification database, PETtrac regularly faces the problem of out of date contact details. It is extremely frustrating for any organisation finding stray pets when the owner cannot be contacted because the details recorded against the MicroChip have not been updated.

Check your details today

If you're not sure which UK pet MicroChip database hold the registration for your pet, you can find out quickly and easily by entering your pet's MicroChip number at https://www.check-a-chip.co.uk

Click here to visit Check-a-chip.co.uk

MicroChips & Scanners

For vets, rescues and trained implanters

If you're a trained pet MicroChip implanter, veterinary practice or rescue centre, you might wish to look at your MicroChip supply.

Sometimes there are benefits of switching microchip supplier, which go beyond just being the cheapest.

  • FREE marketing materials for The Pet Chip Update Campaign
  • Smaller microchips / choice of implanter styles
  • MicroChip scanners which read multiple standards, have a larger read range and can be repaired if damaged

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